Interior Wood Staining 

To assure the highest quality results when applying interior wood stain, follow these steps and helpful tips.

1. Mix the stain thoroughly before you begin and frequently while you're staining. This     helps keep the color consistent throughout the project.


2. Before proceeding, apply the stain on a discreet area of wood to test the color.


3. Apply stain by brushing or wiping it in the direction of the grain, using smooth, even     strokes. Wipe off any excess.


4. Avoid unattractive lap marks by applying stain from an unpainted area back into the     last wet stain. In other words, don't let a section of stain dry before you blend it in         with stain from an adjoining section.


5. Let dry completely (usually 24 hours).


6. Apply a second coat if you want a darker look. Also, apply a second coat if staining       badly weathered or unfinished wood.

7. A Clear Finish is suggested. 

    Here is what Kertusha Painting uses as a clear finish:

     A. For smell free areas and when brushing we use Daly's SeaFin AquaSpar, Satin,            two coats are needed. 

     B. For wood Windows, Doors, Trim, Interior Railing and other wood surfaces we                use Sherwin Williams Sher-Wood Moisture Resistant Lacquer,  two coats                        are needed.

    Sanding in between coats is a must.